1-year membership



If you wish to receive a 10% discount for students or family members or if you wish to pay in 2 instalments, please visit the gym.



CSS gym is the perfect place to work out and stay healthy and in shape!

This membership gives you access to our gym facility and amenities during one year. We will help you achieve your fitness goals!

All levels are welcome.

In our gym, we provide services for fitness and bodybuilding, if you want to lose weight or tone up, this is the one-stop-shop where we cater to meeting your needs and goals.

We have personal trainers on-site to help you reach your goals, be it for merely better health, nutrition or trimming the waist.

We pay special attention to women and moms who need to release stress, anxiety and need to feel better.

Simply come and use our gym equipment and dumbbells, or come and hope on our cardio machines, such as a treadmill, stair-master or a bike.

Exercise helps fight depression and some forms of insomnia.

If you like boxing, here is another way to get yourself feeling pumped up, come and punch a bag!



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