Six Tips To Start Your Workout Program

The scariest part of starting is walking into a gym for the first time and remembering back when I received a flyer in my mailbox. It said there were aqua fitness classes and being so ashamed of my body plus being super shy; this could be a possibility. I signed up. On the first day, I wrapped myself in a giant beach towel and slipped into the water, ensuring that I was hidden up to my chin. Moreover, of course, I hid in the back of the other participants. 

As I lost some weight, I built up a bit of confidence and hired a personal trainer. This is where my fitness journey began. Those days are long gone now as I am the one inspiring and motivating others. I became a fitness success, and so can you!

If you are ready to make some profound lifestyle changes, then a personal trainer can help you.

Here are some tips:

1. Commit yourself 100%. When I committed myself, I made the best investment in moi. You and no one else can only make this decision. The question is, are you ready to make this change? If you are ready to commit and stick to a plan, results will happen. You can pay a personal trainer all you want, but you know you are the driver in the seat to make this happen. Half committed to the process means you will see some or maybe no results. Want to reach your goals, you need to put the full effort in. Plain and simple. Talk to yourself that no matter what excuse, that excuse will not stomp you. 

2. See and taste your vision. Create a vision board and stick photo(s) on your fridge. I stuck Monica Brant on my fridge. That did it. Having your goal in mind is the key to your success. Know what you want. Having a vision can help you get in the right mood and mindset. Therefore, go ahead and add those images from magazines from a person with a great body, motivational quotes and so forth. Sometimes a smiling image staring at you is all you need. It is essential to see the mood slash vision board right where you see it immediately and not hidden in a closet or corner somewhere.

3. Start with baby steps. I started hiding in the pool and going twice a week for a 20-minute workout to becoming a fitness competitor. You can start by only taking a walk instead of opening the fridge door every time you think you may be hungry. Take a glass of water. Starting slow and keep progressing is important than going all out and quitting. Slowly you can increase intensity bit by bit. 

4. Something is better than nothing. This is the best practice. If not, we will always find the excuse of oh look how busy I am or had a rotten emotional day, and I would rather sit in front of ice cream. Body transformation happens when you keep on trekking. Transforming your body means transforming your life daily. The time limit does not exist; this will be a new refit of your life for life. This means sneaking in a 10-minute bisk walk, a bodyweight workout on a lunch break. If it does not go as planned, find a way.

5. No stressing. There are many ways to work out, from resistance training to cardio and flexibility. Start with balancing your workouts. A personal trainer can help advise you. Find a trainer that you can connect with; this is extremely important.

6. Stay mentally tough. There are days a little voice taunts us to cheat or quit. It is essential to take time to smell the roses and get to know who you are. It will help you know what you are capable of. 

The benefits are endless and staying healthy will help you get the benefits you deserve to hop on a new journey. Just go for it! Let fitness help you discover your true potential in a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Anna Duncan

Entraineur Personnel

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